Niamh McGee

Found some old family photographs, working with the idea of extended memories….

Hana Firestone Illustration 


Hana Firestone Illustration 


Hell’O Monsters (Belgium) 

Hell’O Monsters collective emerged in the late 1990s as a result of the meeting between Jerôme Meynen, François Dieltiens and Antoine Detaille. They quickly left behind wall art, graffiti letters and spray paint in favour of paper, characters, ink drawings and paint, moving on to sculpture, installations and wall drawing. They developed a unique graphic vocabulary that is complex and ambiguous, which they continue to expand in the course of their creative output, customising many recurrent elements, which they combine each time with new characters, or incorporate into unusual settings.

Hell’O Monsters Modern Ghost 2
in exhibition @ La galerie du jour agnès b.

[more Hell’O Monsters]

Ken Garland

We recently had a lecture from the Graphic Designer Ken Garland. It was very interesting as he talked about visual metaphors and how we as artists view art. I found this a good eye opener for my GARP research, use these theories when looking these photographers work!

Some close ups of my illustrations

This is my final cut, I decided that I wanted to use red to give a warmer ambiance about it. I am happy with the final outcome!                                                                         

I knew I wanted my piece to be A2 or A3 so i tested it out and found that a2 was perfect.

After cutting my test piece i realised that the card I had intending on using was not strong enough for my design. 

Also, some of my images has the incorrect lines, so parts of my design fell out which i didn’t want to. 

So i knew i had to adjust the correct lines to fix this problem. 

The illustration on the william wordworth poem didn’t look hand written so i wanted to go back and draw it myslef rather than using a typeface in illustrator. 

After cutting my test trail i knew i wanted to take the cigarettes out and replace them with something more elegant. 

Also laul had put the settings on  the lazer cutter wrong so the design was not central.


Ashley Joseph Edwards | myabstractmind on Tumblr - Hot Airlephant

Susan Cotton Awards.

I attended the Susan Cotton Awards as it was something I was drawn to  hear about and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to take part in. 

I was firstly introduced to Susan cotton herself  who explained that basics about the programme. 

£2,400, international grant

£1,400 European grant

 To apply:

I side a4 application.

About  yourself

where you want to  go


deadline : 25th of janurary first application 


Shortlist- fuller application,-budget timescale timetable.

Why apply?

More for the experience rather than academic.

Your personal experience

Life changing.

 Orignal  ideas about your time there

Put them in contact with other people.


Predicted- visit museums. Etc make it unusual!


Student 1 

Art turns left socialism Cuba

She mentioned an artist called Jorge Pardo who’s work looked really interesting! 

i have found his website and became really intrigued by his work.

Love the scale and colour of this piece.

She mentioned that she attended an exhibition of his work, were constructed the work as you explored the exhibition.

Another point that i really picked up on was the Cuban Film Poster. I really admire silkscreen works!

Shes added that it was her most enjoyable part of the trip, idrew inspiration from her visit and think this would also be a perfect experience for me!

She also mentioned ‘Osspaaal Poster’  poster designs from the 1960s to date who use posters as a social art form! 

I researchedd Ospaaal posters, this is one of my favourite poster! 

Alot of the work is Political. 

Another student that interested me was Liam Peacock! 

He travelled to South Africa to Gamkasloof-

'Hell Oudshoorn to George' 

He played alot of videos of his adventure! 

he didnt mention many exhibitions or art involvement but it was still interesting hear about. 

Bee hughes was another student that gave a talk about her experience. 

she mentioned that she travelled in the summer to make her trip more flexible

She wanted to explore eastern and central Europe. 

Her adventure began in London- Munich -Vienna  and then Budapest

When applying for the award i would like to do explore similar places to Bee.

She mentioned that the architecture in Munich was extraorindiary.  

Lovely architecture



 Streed festival was a festival she attended also said she simply loved people watching around the city. 


 ’Its easy to mess up travel plans’


Budapest- bistritz xxxx 

She ended up travelling to Prague instead which then lead he on to Croatia

  she visted zadar then raducic where she said life seemed very different, Older generation with no running water. 

I really enjoyed this lecture and will definately be applying, i think it is a brilliant opportunity to expand my experiences, learn more, become more confident in the practice    by seein other art around the work and just an excellent way to meet new contacts!